Dental Care in Santa Rosa, CA

Hybrid Dentures

Santa Rosa Dentist, Matthew R. Anderson, DMD, MSD, offers hybrid dentures. For more information, please give us a call at Santa Rosa Dental Office 707-526-3303.


Hybrid dentures, or fixed-detachable prostheses, are an excellent solution for edentulous patients that do not want traditional, removable dentures or want a prosthesis that will have to be removed on a daily basis. A hybrid denture is attached to four or more implants that are placed in a patient’s jaw. Patients that don’t have a lot of teeth remaining or have a lot of bone loss and want a stable, fixed solution are usually ideal candidates for hybrid dentures. A hybrid denture cannot be removed by a patient; it is securely connected to the implants and can only be removed by a dentist.  For a patient missing a lot or all of their teeth, a hybrid denture is a life-changing solution that can closely approximate the form and function of natural teeth without the drawbacks and limitations of traditional, removable dentures.  Patient’s with fixed, hybrid dentures often have increased confidence in their smiles as well as increased satisfaction and quality of life due to being able to eat and enjoy a wider range of food.

Depending on a patient’s jaw size and the remaining bone and anatomy, the number of implants can vary. Once healed and integrated, a hybrid denture is fabricated with a titanium framework and abutments that fit to the implants. Prosthetic teeth and gum are processed over the framework. The completed hybrid denture is securely fastened in place. Only your dentist will be able to remove it.


A person that has always wanted, or still wants, fixed teeth, or who is tired of wearing dentures may be a good candidate for hybrid fixed-detachable dentures. Hybrid dentures are minimally intrusive, especially on the upper jaw where the roof of the mouth can be left uncovered. Hybrid dentures are very stable and they do not move against your gums and this helps prevent discomfort and soreness. Patients can often enjoy and chew the same foods as when they had natural teeth, as well as smile, speak and laugh with confidence, which all are sometimes difficult to do with traditional dentures.


Maintaining good oral hygiene is crucial for long-term success of dental implants and hybrid fixed-detachable dentures. It is important that a patient cleans under and around their hybrid dentures to maintain the health of the gums and bone. Having your hybrid denture removed by your dentist and professionally cleaned is highly recommended.